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Karin Schäfer

Collage Art

… I break the edges of the world, rearrange them … beneath the surface I hide clues and hints … the trivial, familiar, global, the deadly, beautiful and the ugly ... I want the view to rest on the margins of the continents and then disperse against the vastness of the world seas ...




… for me, maps and nautical charts are abstract and at the same time profound representations of the world … although they seem to reflect reality, they still trigger subjective, poetic, yearning feelings … sensations which I am translating into new maps …

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… borders of ancient nautical charts were often decorated with pictures of ships, gods, weather events and demons … here you will find people, objects, images that bring them into the present … in former days old, bulbous wooden ships were crossing the oceans, transporting goods from one end of the world to the other … today, big containers are arbitrarily combined and stacked on gigantic ships to form the bloodstream of the global economy .. they contain and deliver everything we consume and use and waste and want … again and again on a daily basis … an infinite bloodstream of desire …



foam board, fabric (cotton, linen), paper cut, found objects, mixed media and acrylics