In addition to her well known theatrical work, which has led her to guest performances and festivals in 45 countries worldwide so far, in the last few years Karin Schäfer is focussing more and more on visual art.

While her stage creations usually were inspired by works of fine art, she is now taking her stories away from the stage and bringing them directly onto and into her pictures - merging her passion for traveling with her desire not to get lost.

The central approach in her works (both theatrical and fine art) is always the technique of collage - the decomposition, compilation, combination of elements from other contexts and their integration into new perspectives, scenes, actions - and pictures.

In her current series GET LOST she is creating SEA MAPS based on world maps and nautical cartography from historical ages to present days, combining them with artefacts of todays global economy: ship containers filled with everything we need and want and waste.

Karin Schäfer lives and works in Vienna and Málaga.

If you are interested in purchasing one of her works, please contact:
Peter Hauptmann | peter.hauptmann@gmx.at | +43 676 933 0979

Find regular updates about her current projects on Instagram: @cardamonsheep

Know more about Karin Schäfer’s visual theatre work: visualtheatre.productions


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